Humans of London – Casey O’Neill – Marathon Runner

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Interview with Casey O’Neill – Marathon Runner

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What’s your name, where do you live and what do you do?

My name is Casey. I’m an affiliate program executive from London.

What made you want to run a marathon?

It is something i have always wanted to do and thought it would be best to try it now before life/work commitments made it impossible.

How have you trained for the marathon?

I built up my training slowly, starting with very slow 1 mile jogs 6 months prior and building up to longer runs in recent weeks. Generally i will run a ‘base runs’ (about 1-3 miles) 4 times a week with one long run at the weekend (a couple of weeks prior to the marathon I ran 21 miles).

Have you had to change your life style at all to be able to train for the marathon?

Absolutely. While i don’t lead an incredibly sedentary life, I’m not exactly active either. My diet is terrible and couldn’t run for a bus when i first started so a lot had to change when i started training.

What has been the most difficult for you since you started training?

Trying to keep focused during the long runs was hard but sacrificing nights out has been the most difficult. I’ve had to turn down parties and birthdays because I knew I couldn’t afford to have a late night or be hungover for a run the next day.

Do you have a time in mind that you want to complete the marathon in?

I like to do it in 5 hours. If i could manage it in 4.5 id be over the moon.

If you could Karate-chop one world leader who would it be and why?

Kim Jung Un. Someone needs to have a word.

Any tips for anyone thinking of running a marathon?

Start training early and build up slowly and eat a lot of cake (its the only thing that helps the agonizing leg pain afterwards)

What’s the first thing you’ll do once you get over the finish line?

Have a pint and not move from the side of the road.

Will you be running for a charity? if so, please give us the details so we can all donate

I am running for the NSPCC. Any donations would be greatly appreciated:

Favourite pub?

Flying Pig in Dulwich

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