My First Marathon – London Marathon 2015

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My First Marathon – London Marathon 2015

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Dreams of Running a Marathon

I’ve not run in years, in fact, the last time I tried to play football I thought I was gonna collapse after a few minutes! However, I am a firm believer that you can achieve anything if you are motivated enough to do it, having said that, no matter how motivated I am, I will never be able to run 26 miles (42km) just on motivation!

When I first decided to run the marathon I couldn’t run a mile without wanting to cry! after a couple of months of stop/start training I am now ready to start training seriously and get my body and mind ready for the grueling task.
I’ve created a schedule to help me focus on building my stamina up bit by bit. I’ve got a few months until the marathon so I should have plenty of time to adjust.

Marathon Trianing Schedule (km)

Marathon Schedule

Training Graph – KM per Week

Marathon Graph

I will be updating this page every month with how I’m getting on. Plenty of pics and vids to come!

October Update

So far I’ve managed to stick to my training schedule and have been slowly decreasing my km/h time. I started off at a pretty terrible 14 minute miles, this was due to my shin splints, I suffer from these pretty bad and even with loads of pre warm up stretching I always get them during the first 2k’s of my run.
I’ve been advised to not worry at all about my timing, just concentrate on getting the distance covered, which is what I’m now concentrating on, having said that, I am quietly chuffed that I’ve beaten my previous 5k by a few minutes and lowered my average kilometer to 7’12” (I thank you!). Am aiming to do my 5k runs in under 30 mins by end of the month.
Went for a run last night with Mr Tito and got totally soaked! as you can see from the image below.. Was really windy and raining heavily, so was good to have the extra motivation from Tito.

A few pics from my October runs

david smith segarra marathon training

photo 2

photo 3

Nike run oct1

Nike run oct2

Nike run oct3

November Update Coming Soon

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