Best Online Infographics

We all love a good infographic! and there are some great sites out there like to help create them.

In this section I’ll be uploading some of my favourite and most creative infographics that I have found around the internet, most of them come from

An infographic is a visual way of presenting data, like this:

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If ever you need to present data or a complex idea, there is no better way to present this than by using an infographic. The trick to creating a good infographic is to make it visually appealing while keeping it simple at the same time. If there is too much going on many people will lose focus and they will not get the message or idea you are trying to get across. The point of an infographic is to use a visual medium to capture an audience and create a buzz and gain some traction. So, do not kill it with too much text. You want the reader to take a glance and immediately be interested in learning more.

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