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Juan Greyling

What’s your name, where do you live and what do you do?

My name is Juan, I’m a search engine marketing consultant.

What bike do you have and does it cost more than a house?

I come across this what seems to be a common mindset that cycling must be greatly expensive. By all means if you want to, you can spend a lot on a bike and cycling related paraphernalia for a single person to purchase a family saloon. My bike is actually an Ebay cheapie. The brand is fairly unknown called TEMAN. Built in china then shipped to the UK. It is an aluminium frame I chose specifically for it’s durability to ride every single day on London type roads.
Some costs from when I bought my bike just to give you an idea:
The bike (£200), Pedals (£35) for my cleats a speedometer (£30) and a front-and-back set of lights (£13). Also, I’ve changed to kevlar reinforced tires (£40) as glass seems to cut through soft rubber… weird, I know.
It is very cheap to maintain as well, changing the gear cassette and chain only cost £24, brakes cost me £12 to replace (usually every 3 – 5 months depends on the amount of ridin). At the moment I think it would take quite a lot for me to change my bike. Using my bike as I do at the moment I just can’t justify shelling out that much money. Unless of course a very very compelling reason is supplied.

How much do you spend on your monthly train fares?

I never spend over £150 on train fares

When did you start riding and why?

I started about 2 years ago, mainly as a faster way to commute to work, London public transport sucks.
Oh yes and to try out being more healthy. I used to weigh in at 21 stone, down to 15 stone now.

On an average week/day how far do you ride?

At the moment I’m a bit lazy so I tend to get up to about 120 kilometers (70 – 75 miles).
A usual training week (when I am less lazy) brings me up 350 – 400 kilometers (220 – 250 miles)

Do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking of taking up bike riding?

Cycling should be about wind in your hair (on your helmet) feels like you are flying with a massive grin on your face type fun.
Just get out (if you live in UK, expect to get wet #justsaying ) and go for it, no seriously GET UP SUIT UP AND GOOOOOOO!!!

If you could crash your bike into any world leader who would it be and why?

Robert Mugabe, hopefully I would succeed in breaking his face.

Really? Why? Robert Mugabe looks like such a nice guy!

oh maybe because he is a genocidal psychopath.

Where is the furthest you have ever ridden?

Furthest I’ve gone on a single ride so far is to Yeovil, that was a whisker north of 200 kilometers (125 miles).
Wanted to go all the way to Lands End but my right knee kinda gave up on me that day #lameknee

Here is that ride on Strava if anyone wants to see.

Are there any routes you wish you could do but haven’t yet?

Really want to go climb the Col du Galibier in France – seems like a nice day out;)
oh yes and I haven’t done box hill yet, so there is that.

Dream bike?

I’m not really a brand fanboy when it comes to bikes.
Suppose at some point I would like to get a carbon frame, don’t care who makes it just need to fit me.

Thoughts on Lance Armstrong?

I’m assuming you are asking about the cheating thing first, so about that;
He is obviously the scapegoat in a sport rife with cheaters. I probably sound a bit black and white there but in a sport a team is built around the favourite, it wouldn’t be just the one guy cheating his way to the line, now would it?

Favourite London pub?

The Charles Lamb pub in islington

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