Learn Programming with Codeacademy

david.smith.segarra May 28, 2014 0
Learn Programming with Codeacademy

So, what is Codecademy?

Codeacademy is a javascript tutorial site aimed at beginners, so if you’d like to learn javascript but have no prior knowledge, this site is for you!
Codeacademy is a great introduction into the world of code as the fundamentals of programming are the same across many languages.
The website starts by presuming no prior knowledge at all, and lets you work through small exercises, slowly growing in complexity, and in the spirit of the web, it’s free!

What is different about Codeacademy?

Codeacademy encourages learning through awards, scoring, and other game-like behavior. You are given specific challenges and awarded badges for completing them. As most games online you can share and brag about your new found programming skills on facebook and twitter.

Pro’s and Con’s

What is great is that you start writing code from the very beginning which helps you absorb what you are learning. But by focusing on doing things rather than understanding what you are doing,
You miss the fundementals of why you are doing these things. However, if you are serious about programming, you will most definitely want to use codeacademy alongside other resources.

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