The best online excel tutorials

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The best online excel tutorials

Anyone who runs their own business or works in an office enviroment will at some point need to know how to use Excel. It is one of the most useful tools to help you keep on top of large quantities of data.
If terms like VLOOKUP and PIVOT TABLES make you cringe.. Fear not! Below is a list of great Tutorials that you can use to become an excell genius!

2 sites that I highly recommend are and

These, for me, are the best online excel tutorials, they have various excel tutorials that will help you get to grips with Excel. They copver topics for beginners and for all who already know how to use it but want/need to delve deeper.

Learn Excel today!

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Don’t be scared to learn something new! Both these sites offer great tutorials with easy to follow videos for all levels, be it beginner or advanced, and have them all for you.
I hope these have been helpfull, please feel free to share and comment.

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