Best Online Tutorials

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Best Online Tutorials

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My Top 5 Best Online Tutorials

I have quite an inquisitive mind and find myself moving from one subject to the next, always trying to learn something new. That’s probably why I love online tutorials! they are totally free and you can take all the time in the world to learn them (which is great as I’m a slow learner!)

I’ve never been a fan of all day workshops. I’m rubbish at taking notes and find I get bored easily, so sitting in a room listening to someone blather on all day about one subject is just not my cup of tea! That’s why online tutorials are perfect for me.. I can turn up when I want, leave when I want and skip to the part I need… Match made in heaven!

So, as I feel so passionately about them I thought I’d dedicate a whole section of my site to online tutorials and to start us off I’ve put together my top 5 list of favourite online tutorials for your reading pleasure!

Here are my top 5 best online tutorials for random subjects in no particular order:

  1. – If you consider how much a workshop usually costs (£200-£500 depending on the subject) provides a huge library of subjects all for about £15-20 a month. I’ve used for years now and have learnt a number of different tools like Photoshop, Excel Macros, PPC and many more
  2. – I have to include youtube. How often do we need to learn something quickly and quickly check out youtube to see whether someone has uploaded a vid on the subject? all the time, right? it’s a great site for tutorials and it’s where I always go for cooking tips!
  3. – I always regretted not learning more at school. I was never interested in what the teacher had to say! and the thought of having to sit around and listen all day at someone who was speaking about subjects that just didn’t appeal to me was never going to work! That’s why I love Khan academy, it allows me to learn subjects like maths and biology (which now appeal to me immensely!) at my own pace.
  4. – Who doesn’t use Excel at work? Nobody! It is such a valuable tool and I always find myself learning something new. Whenever I am stuck with a folrmula or can’t quite remember how to do a vlookup I just head on over to for a quick reminder
  5. – Another great tutorial site which cover a range of subjects from DIY to beauty tips!

There you have it! Hopefully you can get as much out of these sites as I have!

So what do you think? What are your favourite tutorial sites? let me know which ones I have missed.

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