British Comedy Classics – Inspector Clouseau

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British Comedy Classics – Inspector Clouseau

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Who doesn’t love a bit of Clouseau? Yes, Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau is one of the most memorable of characters played by the brilliant Peter Sellers. Clouseau was an inept and incompetent police detective who somehow always manages to get his man.

Peter Sellers said in several interviews that the secret of Clouseau’s character was his tremendous ego. His favourite example of Clouseau’s ego was that, whenever someone said, “Phone call for Inspector Clouseau”, Clouseau would reply, “Ah yes, that would be for ME.” And later on, after his promotion, whenever he was addressed as “Inspector Clouseau,” he would stress: “That would be CHIEF Inspector!” Sellers maintained that Clouseau’s ego is what made the character’s klutziness funnier because of his quest to remain elegant and refined while causing chaos everywhere he turned.

There are too many scenes to include them all but below I have listed three of my favourites from a few of the pink panther movies.. Hope you enjoy!

Clouseau interrogates the staff
Here Clouseau is investigating a murder and decides to interrogate the staff, trying, but failing to keep control of the interrogation..

Clouseau the Dentist
I don’t think I have ever laughed so loud as when I first saw this scene. It is an absolute classic! Here, Clouseau disguises himself as a dentist to gain access to Dreyfus’ castle, with hilarious consequences!

Inspector Clouseau visits Dreyfus at the psychiatric hospital
This scene sets the scene for the rest of the films! Classic Clouseau at his incompetent best!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos as much as I have. As always, please feel free to share and comment..

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