Great British Comedy – Blackadder

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Great British Comedy – Blackadder

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Blackadder is another one of those great British classics that never gets old! I can remember as a child my dad laughing loud with tears coming down his face whenever we sat to watch an episode. I can remember at the time not understanding half the jokes as I was still young! But I’d just sit there and laugh at my dad having fits of laughter 🙂

Below are a few of the funniest clips from a few of the series.. Hope you enjoy..

Here we have Blackadder doing what he does best with the poor old Baldrick!

Blackadder actress Patsy Byrne as the unforgettable Nursie (aka Bernard) who passed away recently can be seen here as the clueless but loyal queens aid

Another Blackadder actor who passed away recently was Rik Mayall. Here is the hilarious clip of Lord Flashheart’s Grand Entrance with my favourite quote “I like ’em firm and fruity”

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