Great British Comedy – Desmond’s

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Great British Comedy – Desmond’s

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If you were born in London in the 80’s you will no doubt remember Desmond’s, one of the funniest comedies that ran from ’89 to ’94. I can remember as if it were yesterday doing a ‘Porkpie’ or ‘Mathew’ impersonation with my mates at school… “Yeah man!” or “There is an old African saying!” 🙂

The writer of the show Trix Worrell was keen to show that prejudice existed not just between broad ethnic groups, but also within them. While Matthew was the frequent butt of jokes from the West Indian characters, particularly Porkpie and Desmond, he was always keen to point out the strength of African history with his regular interjection “There’s an old African saying”

Here’s a few clips from some of the shows:

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