Interview with Brandon Stanton

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Interview with Brandon Stanton, creator of ‘Humans of New York’

When I watched this Chase Jarvis interview with Brandon Stanton for the first time, I fell in love with his Humans of New York project and since I started following the Humans of New York facebook page I can safely say it is one of the posts I most look out for and always take the time to read, in fact, this interview inspired me to start my own ‘Humans of London‘ section for my site.

I love the honest and sometimes very private matters that people open up about. Brandon mentions in this interview that it is amazing how at ease people can be with strangers as they feel they won’t be judged. This may seem counter intuitive but Brandon shows with his photographs and captions that this is in fact how people behave.

I, myself, am learning photography and would love to start a project just like his, where I start random conversations with strangers and photograph the moment… (watch this space!)

Hope you enjoy this Chase Jarvis Interview with Brandon Stanton, the creator of ‘Humans of New York’

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