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Last Updated on April 23, 2014 by david.smith.segarra online training tutorials has to be my favourite online tutorial website. It is packed with high quality tutorials and covers hundreds of subjects.
I’ve been using for years now and have recommended it to most of my friends. I pay about £15 a month for my subscription and in my opinion it is worth every penny! I have been to a few workshops over the years and never found them to be any good! They’re all extremely expensive with way too much info crammed into a day session!

When I found I was pretty miffed I hadn’t thought of the same idea! It’s a great site and very easy to navigate. All the teachers are leaders in their field and explain their subjects in simple terms (perfect for a simple person like me!)
Below is an example of one of the tutorial videos you will find on It’s from the ‘Up and Running with HTML by James Williamson’ tutorial.

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