Humans of London – Nick Westcott – Drummer

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Humans of London – Nick Westcott – Drummer

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Whats your name, where do you live and what do you do?

Nick, Tooting Broadway, digital designer and drummer.

Tell me more about your band..

The band, like many I guess, sounds quite unique due to the fact everybody in it likes different music. Our front woman would probably hate my record collection and likewise I’m not sure id like her desert island discs. The great thing is however that when I bring my grunge inspired beats to her 60’s influenced guitar and vocal style it creates something a little different from the norm. Our keyboard player Rob has a real love of swing and blues so you can see our sound is real Frankenstein affair and as a result something we think is pretty interesting.

What inspired you to become a drummer?

Growing up there was always music on in the house. My mum played the piano every day at home and the stereo was always blasting out Queen and the Beatles. Also a mate of mine at school gave me a ton of AC DC tapes and from there I got the rock n roll bug. Nirvana came along right around this time and they blew me away. My brother and I were so inspired by them we put a band together as soon as we could! Once you get a taste of playing live to an appreciative audience that buzz is very addictive and I’ve been in bands ever since.

What advice would you give to anyone in a band?

Start young and write your own songs straight away. It doesn’t matter if you think they suck, you may be too close to them to be a true judge anyway. Write them, record a ropey demo, send it to promoters and get gigging. And only play 1 gig a month in the same city. Anymore is too many.

Who inspires you?

As stated above Nirvana’s Dave Grohl is always an influence. No matter how fast the song he never sounds rushed. Jimmy Chamberlin from the Smashing Pumpkins is a genius too. An incredible drummer who never ceases to inspire and amaze at the same time. As I started playing more and more Alan White from Oasis influenced me more than I thought. Like Grohl he never felt rushed and took them up to the top table when he joined the band.

What is your favourite book and why?

Football grounds of Great Britain. Its not big and its not clever but as a football obsessed teenager I read it back to back. What I don’t know about football grounds isn’t worth knowing! haha

Best Pub in london?

Toughest question of the lot. I love the Princess Louise in Holborn, amazing place but I’ve got to keep it real and go with a south London boozer. I would say the Tram Shed in Tooting Broadway as that is a great place but its more of a bar so I will have to go with an old haunt of mine, The Bedford in Balham.

Me with my band The Vanderbilts:

You can find us here:

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