The Truth about Photography

david.smith.segarra August 30, 2014 0

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The Truth about Photography: Telling it like it is to Photography Students

I’ve learnt a lot over the last year about photography from Jared Polin, if you don’t know who he is, go check out his site He has a ton of free tutorials there and some paid ones too. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I personally like his style of teaching.

I found this video of him on youtube discussing photography with a graduating class at Antonelli Institute. He not only discusses photography but also the marketing behind the art if you want to start a business. I thought it was quite interesting to hear real life examples or as he calls it ‘real world answers‘.

Near the beginning of the video he mentions how important it is to go behind the scenes when taking pictures.. if everyone is at the left of the scene, you go to the right.. you never want the same images as everyone else, you have to be different. This isn’t always easy to do but he discusses how he has been able to accomplish this.

Hope you all enjoy the video as much as I did…

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