My Top 5 SEO Tips for 2016

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To ensure your site ranks well in search engines you must optimise your site so you can rank for terms that you want to be found for. SEO is constantly changing and the panda updates last year caused chaos for some webmasters. However, it certainly improved the content found on pages everywhere.
SEO is always evolving, so what can we expect in 2016? And what do we need to implement to ensure we survive any future changes to Google’s algorithm? The below tips should help you stay ahead of the competition.


SEO Tip 1: Create Quality Content.

Google will always reward sites that have good quality content. Google knows the difference between well written content and content that’s just been stuffed with keywords. If Google detects quality content it will reward you with more traffic which hopefully will turn into more business for you.
The Hummingbird update drastically changed the way we search online. We no longer search for single keywords, our searches are way more conversational. Keep this in mind when writing content.

SEO Tip 2: Page optimisation. 

Ensure every page you create is tightly themed around one or two keywords. Ensure your title, headers and meta description all mention these key terms. Page optimisation has been an SEO factor for over a decade now and is still very relevant. Title tags are very important, make sure they read like a newspaper article rather than a bunch of keywords, of course you still want your keywords in the title but just make sure it’s descriptive. Also, using SEO friendly URLs helps, it’s not massively important but it most certainly helps. For example, If you sell Vintage pencil dresses, then your URL should read 

SEO Tip 3: Social sharing – Get people talking about your brand. 


Social signals in 2015 have been very important so for every page you create it is paramount that you enable social sharing buttons. Make sure you have social platforms where you can share your content to your friends and followers.
Google+ was supposed to take the world by storm in 2014 but it fell flat on its face! However, other social platforms like Facebook clearly have an impact on rankings as research shows, content that is shared is an obvious validation of quality.Brand mentions will be a large factor in 2016. You should start mentioning influential people on your pages, in your blogs, and on your social media pages, and encourage them to do the same for you. If you have high quality content the more likely it will be that people will want to mention you on other platforms.


SEO Tip 4: Never Use Black Hat Tactics.


The bottom line with SEO is ‘never try anything shady.’ We call this black hat tactics. The last thing you want is for Google to penalise your site. I have heard of some real horror stories where webmasters have had to literally start from scratch because it was just not possible to ‘unlink’ all the dodgy links they had pointing to and from their site.


SEO Tip 5: Stay Close to the Big SEO Players.


Google’s algorithm is always changing so you can always expect SEO to be on the move. I’ve been in the game a few years now and have successfully maintained high rankings for most of the pages I have worked on. The only way I’ve managed to do this is by staying close to the big SEO players like Moz and Search Engine Land and of course Matt Cutts.


SEO Additional tip: Make sure your site is mobile optimised.


Mobile optimization is nothing new, but in 2016 it will be even more important to SEO. You must ensure your website is optimised for mobile use. With so many people using smartphones and tablet for their Internet search, it is imperative that you have a plan ready to compete for their business.


So there you have it! My top 5 SEO tips and I’ll be writing my top 5 SEO tips for each of the above subjects so keep an eye out for them and please feel free to share and comment.